Dandilas Co West Africa Limited has been into Sales of LPG storage tanks. Mobile Trucks. bocktail delivery trucks and general gas equipment. We sale high quality Trucks of various configurations including new and used LPG Tanks and Trucks.

Dandilas Co West African Limited was  incorporated in 1990 with foreign based partners we can arrange to construct propane and Butane Vertical tanks. deals with major tank trailer manufacturers in USA. Europe and ASIA. and therefore can provide the competitive  purchase solutions to meet your needs.

We use our expertise, extensive network and our buying power to facilitate the acquisition  of your new LPG CONTRACTS,

Facts: LPG gas is used as a fuel for many residential, commercial and agricultural heat applications, including Domestic cooking. It is also employed as a propellant, refrigerant and vehicle fuel. LPG gas – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – describes flammable hydrocarbon gases including propane, butane and mixtures of these gases. LPG Gas comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.

Dandilas Company (WA) Limited has mulitiple DPR licensed Gas refilling outlets in Nigeria. making it a reliable and reputable first class actor in the gas industry,